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Advapep® collagen peptides are made of bioactive ingredients which are engineered to deliver multiple benefits to one's health and functional properties. Various international studies have shown the ability of collagen and Advapep® to promote a healthy and nutritional lifestyle.

Collagen being a rich important protein source provides the nutrients required for processes that take place in muscles and cells. Advapep® pure collagen protein can be used shakes, sport bars, protein powders and many other beverages. Advapep® is useful at replacing energy spent during exercise. Having one of the smallest molecule size collagens available internationally, it is very quickly and easily absorbed by the body, giving you more and faster, making energy readily available.

Due to its excellent cold-water solubility Advapep® is perfect to produce protein and sports drinks. With being odourless and having a neutral taste the benefit of full concentration whilst not affecting the senses is easily achieved. At high doses and excellent solubility Advapep® is mixed with other beverages very easily, producing a good clarity. It is compatible with most ingredients and can easily be blended with other vitamins, pro-biotics, superfoods’, and amino acids.

Advapep® is available as a fine powder for instant protein shakes or any other beverage mixes alike. The peptides have excellent flowability without cohesion hence not requiring any added flow elements. Advapep® dissolves at a high rate and does not clump.

Advapep® can be used as an ingredient in various types of functional bars and at a low dosage also acts as a good binding agent in certain bars. It works very well in binding dry substances. With Advapep® having a neutral taste one can produce bars with a high protein content. This all complimented by excellent texture and longer shelf life. Sugar content in the bars can be drastically reduced or even eliminated in certain bars.

 Our nutritional profile is clean, and our collagen is free of sugar, cholesterol, fat, additives, and purines. Advapep® collagen is a premium quality collagen simply because we focus on high quality production that meets all regulatory requirements in the USA, UK, EU, and RSA.  ​

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Advapep® is committed to maintaining international standards making our products safe, clean, sustainable and premium quality. We hold ourselves to a high standard and are committed to, and believe in sustainable healthy living.


We stand by our quality and your health!

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